HTC T6 is the codename for the 5 inch or larger screen HTC One device



This is not the first time we hear word about Taiwan-based mobile maker looking to launch a larger scree-size variant of its current flagship smartphone, the HTC One. This plans come to fill in on the 5 inch or larger screen smartphone segment where Samsung is the dominant OEM with its Galaxy Note range.

According to a document leak, the 5 inch or larger screen HTC One variant goes under the codename T6 within the company. The document also reveals potential plans for a world-wide availability of this ‘phablet’ device based on HTC One design and specs. HTC is using constellation names to codename its new T6 model.


We dont fully understand what these code means, but if any of our readers can figure it out, please leave us a comment down below.

T6_UL: Cassiopeia – GSM / WCDMA / LTE
T6_U: Columba – GSM / WCDMA
T6_ULA: Delphinus – GSM / WCDMA / LTE
T6_WL:  Crater  РGSM / WCDMA / CDMA2000 / LTE
T6_WHL: Eridanus – GSM / WCDMA / CDMA2000 / LTE

HTC will also be introducing this year, a smaller and more affordable variant of the HTC One codenamed HTC M4 which will feature a 4.3 inch HD screen, according to all previous reports.