Daily Android Game: Epic



Epic is the latest game that has come out right from the Gameloft studios. It’s heavily based on the same-called movie and it’s all-around a great casual game in which you have to grow your own forest kingdom and battle the evil through strategically organized fights.

Epic is all about building a huge kingdom, placing diverse objects, getting material goods in return and exchanging them for other objects. It is not all that simple, however. There is also a huge amount of tasks that are needed to be completed if you want to progress in the game.

In the beginning, there’s a simple and brief tutorial on covering the basics, such as the art of placing different objects on the plane, collecting the goods from them, deleting or moving different objects, expanding the kingdom etc. That would be enough to get you started.


When you finally find your way into the magical world of Epic, you will surely find yourself progressing very fast. The game offers a smart leveling system, which means every time you level up, you get rewarded with a certain amount of goods, such as seeds and aura.


Another part of the game that we previously mentioned are the tasks themselves. Without them, it would hardly make sense to play Epic as it would have been a pointless game overall. Now, however, you will always be engaged with a mission, be it a task requiring you to expand your kingdom, place some objects in your surroundings and even a fully fledged battle ag