HTC sells 5 million HTC One smartphones



An unidentified HTC executive has informed the wall street journal that the HTC One has reportedly sold close to 5 million units. “Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply.This is partly due to the shortage of components, when the issue is resolved next month,we will have a better idea if its doing well or not” he said.

Well of course HTC have had quite an uphill task with the one.From component shortages,to patent lawsuits from other big names in the smart phone business,such as Nokia. The parts the executive might have been referring to are such as the specific components for the ultra pixel camera,components that can’t be replaced with off the shelf parts.

Then there was the reshuffling of executives in the HTC camp.Despite all those issues,HTC has still managed to do well,thanks to its grass root marketing campaign techniques and small budget(if you compared it to Samsung’s).

The HTC one has had some of the best reviews and reception,of any flagship device this year,it will be interesting to see how it pans out,considering Samsung have already sold 10 million s4s.Yes 10 million,talk about literally flying of the shelves.