Corning Pits Gorilla Glass 3 Against Sapphire, Plans Reflection Reduction and Antimicrobial Technology.


Gorilla Glass 3

No sooner did Apple choose Sapphire as its covering layer for the iPhone 5 Camera lens, than Corning came up with its new Gorilla Glass 3 that Corning claims to be better than what Sapphire provided. As quoted by¬†Jeffrey W. Evenson, Corning Senior Vice President, they provide glass covers that weigh half, consume 99% less energy in manufacturing, provide brighter display and cost one tenth of that of Sapphire’s.

The Corning case can resist force which is thrice as that of Sapphire’s under similar conditions of wear and tear. The glass by Corning is now trimmed and made such that it can bend without losing its strength.¬†Going even further, Corning lays out its future plans for Gorilla Glass, sharing that the company is working hard on new versions that reduce reflections for better visibility in bright sunlight and which incorporate antimicrobial technology to minimize the germs which are prevalent on mobile devices.

Well, all this seems to be impressive, as in Corning had to do something to save its sinking voyage. But from a consumer’s point of view based on what Corning says about its plans, I would personally rate something like this on the basis of its vulnerability to scratches. Nowhere in its description there is anything mentioned about scratch resistance. I am not going to grind my phone just to test its strength. That’s where Corning is lacking. By getting all these fancy stuffs it cannot hide its product’s vulnerability to scratches.

Reduced reflections and antimicrobial technology are seriously great steps for improvement but Corning has to deal in present first, where it has to improve its scratch resistance and then continue to develop other things.