LG’s Flexible OLED HD prototype display shown off at SID 2013



At the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week expo, which takes place this days in Vancouver, LG has been showing off  its first 5 inch HD unbreakable and flexible OLED panel prototype based on TFT Oxide technology which offers low power consumption and a ultra-thin profile.

According to Engadget’s discussion with one of LG’s representative at the conference, he told them that the 5 inch prototype exhibited at SID features 250 nits (brightness) and IPS technology for wide viewing angles, as well as a 1mm narrow bezel. LG Electronics is looking to significantly improve the brightness of these flexible panels by the time they hit the market.

Asked when such OLED panels will be commercialized, LG rep replied “as soon as possible.” Samsung is hard at work on such technology for a few years now as well, but so far none of the Asian manufacturers managed to successfully create a panel that can be used on commercial products. The first flexible-based smart devices could arrive a year from now (summer of 2014), but still is just a guess.

lg-flexibile-panel-prototype (2)