HTC One Google Edition fact or fiction?



Everything started a day prior to Google I/O 2013 conference, when a wild rumor (at that time) tipped about Samsung Electronics and Google Inc intentions of announcing a Galaxy S4 Google Edition (Nexus-like experience) the next day, which it did, through the mouth of Mr Hugo Barra. The Galaxy S4 powered by Snapdragon 600 CPU,  running stock Android and Holo UI will be available soon in the U.S. and that’s not all, we could see a second variant for Europe  with an Exynos chipset in tow.

Getting back to our current news of the day, the same source that spread the news about the Galaxy S4 Google Edition is back with another breaking announcement, tipping the HTC One Google Edition as well.This rumor is not that wild as the first one was (which by the way came true), because we’ve already seen some signs towards such a unit with stock Android between the tweets of a HTC employee during the official Galaxy S4 Google Edition announcement.

It seems that HTC is really considering a HTC One model with Nexus UI for the U.S. market (which currently is the milk cow of the Taiwan-based mobile maker, where its money’s at).

Now  that HTC has passed 5 million HTC One units sold world-wide, a Google Edition of its current flagship phone would probably increase HTC’s sales in the next 3 to 6 months on the North American continent.

At this point it is unclear whether this new version will be sold through Google’s Play store or like the Galaxy S4 via AT&T and T-Mobile network operators. We are thinking carriers, are you?