Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’ to be only available in the U.S initially


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Many of us surely prefer the stock flavor Android also referred to as ‘vanilla/pure Android’ over any manufacturer skins especially those which are deemed too ‘cumbersome’ and ugly. – Yes I’m talking about Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, the overlay bundled in virtually all Android handsets made by Samsung. Well, not quite; the recently announced Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’ sports stock Android but the only bummer is that it’ll be available only in the United States initially. That’s the catch here, especially for those from the rest of world who were hoping to get their hands on one.

Google, speaking to CNet UK has confirmed that the Snapdragon 600 powered LTE Google device would be a U.S exclusivity at launch.

The reason behind this may be purely technical as well as marketing-related as this special Galaxy S4 packs LTE radios specifically designed to operate on the U.S frequencies/bands and releasing it elsewhere would kinda make no sense.

Let’s not forget that Samsung has introduced its flagship device with all the trimmings of TouchWhiz and S-applications and so-forth, the culmination of significant development and investment in Samsung’s own image.

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We doubt that the Google Edition would hit European soil given the current state of the Nexus lineup there. A possible European variant cannot be ruled out either, we might soon see it popping out in Europe in matter of months for roughly the same price shall Google change its mind.

Folks attached to the pure Android experience are left with no other choice than to either get the aging Nexus 4 or to flash a stock custom ROM on a regular Galaxy S4 (I9500/I9505). Other alternatives from other manufacturers is also to be considered if you’re not a fan of TouchWiz, but hey! It’s not that much of a big deal, Samsung’s in-house software may not suit your taste but let’s not forget the plethora of premium features & goodies bundled with the GS4!