Daily Android Game: Daddy Was A Thief



Daddy Was A Thief is a nice casual game in which the main goal is to collect as many coins as possible by crushing through an endless amount of floors of an infinite skyscraper. It’s whole new twist of the endless running type of games and will surely get the fans of it attracted.

The main character and leader of the action is the daddy, who desperately needs to find as many coins as possible without getting caught, killed or smashed during doing it. It may sound boring, but believe us: it’s the complete opposite! Every time you play the game throws a different situation, different floor arrangements you have to pass through, different furniture and different enemies. Also, there’s also the fact that it’s very easy to just pick it up and play: there are no real missions or achievements to complete, you just play for the fun of it!


Daddy Was A Thief is a really easy game to play, actually. The only controls you need to know are the swipe up and down actions and that’s about it. Everything else is up to you, your skill and your reflexes. The first floors are generally easy and full of coins that fly just in front of your nose, ready to be grabbed. As you progress further down the building, things get a little bit trickier. There’s more and more furniture on a single floor and as the number of enemies goes up, they also become stronger and smarter. Do not worry, though, one jump over them will likely mark their end.