Sony adds Xperia Tablet Z to AOSP project


sony xperia tablet z front

Sony has included the Xperia Tablet Z  in the AOSP.This is a great move from Sony,considering it also included the Xperia Z smart phone in the AOSP project too.AOSP stand for Android Open source project. Now that Sony has open sourced its source code,developers can interact with the device. The source code is available from GitHub, together with other support services and instructions.

Keeping in mind that the tablet has not even shipped yet in the US. Hence you can see Sony’s commitment in this project. Vanilla Android on the tablet would be pretty awesome. There is a bit of work setting things up, (you would have to download and compile the source code yourself) and no,it’s not stable enough for day-to-day use.

At this rate, Android hackers might eventually prefer the tablet as their tablet of choice. There are more details on Sony’s’ blog which you can view here,¬†including technical specs. Community manager Marcus Hansonn posted YouTube video to demo AOSP on the tablet,which you can view below.