Google I/O First Day Round-Up: Software Announcements


Google I/O Live BlogThe first day of the Google I/O 2013 developer conference has passed, and we are ready to do a little round-up on all announcements regarding software that took place yesterday.

Google Music All Access

One Google service that desperately needed an update is Google Play Music. Not anymore, as Google announced the new Google Music All Access service, that offers unlimited acces to a music library for a monthly fee of $9.99. On top of that, the Play Music app is also updated, featuring the new Google Play style layout.

Updated Google Now

Google Now has been updated with a host of new features, such as voice reminders, suggested content and live public transit info. Sweet!

New Google Maps and Navigation

Google announced the new Maps app and Navigation with overhauled UIs and enhanced functionality. The Navigation is no more the ugly duckling of the Google apps family, we must say it’s nothing short of amazing. The desktop experience is also revamped, looking cooler than ever before.

Google Play Games

The competitors have had games services for quite some time now, and it’s great to see Google catching up in that department with the launch of Google Play Games. The new Google service comes as part of the updated Google Play Services, and it offers cloud data saving, online leaderboards and an achievements system. It’s available to Android, as well as iOS users. Several games already have this feature integrated, and we expect more to join the troop.

Google Hangouts app

Along with the Google+ desktop updates, the new Hangouts app was announced, as a replacement to both Google Talk and Messenger. The app is great-looking and it provides great functionality.

Updated Google Play Books

Google Play Books hasn’t been left in the dust at Google I/O yesterday. Instead, it was updated with a great new feature: storing personal books and documents. You can upload only PDF and EPUB files now, and we hope the list of supported formats grows as time passes.