Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock Review


2013-05-16 12.05.06

It is a rare opportunity when I get to review something I haven’t bought, but thanks to the very gracious help of, I am able to bring you the review of the Cygnett¬†SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock which would be the perfect ¬†Samsung S4 accesory.

Speaker Design:

2013-05-16 11.43.30

Upon first opening the box, you quickly notice the solid build of these speakers and the quality plastics used. The surface as a matt black finish with a minimalist design. The front is a soft black fabric cover for the speakers themselves. The top sports only three buttons: Bluetooth, volume up and volume down and a multicoloured LED which indicates what mode the speakers are in. When its green, they are one, but not connected. When solid blue, they are connected to a Bluetooth device, and when flashing rapid Blue/Green, the speakers are currently discoverable via Bluetooth.2013-05-16 11.44.33