Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition to get unveiled at Google I/O 2013?



Google I/O is about to break off in a few hours, and as always the media is going nuts of excitement throwing around wild rumors. Here’s an example. We’ve just come across an interesting piece of news that Samsung Electronics may introduce a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition which will be running an ASOP (Android Open Source Project), a stock Android.

Now we already know that this year’s Google I/O edition is more about software announcements, rather than hardware announcements, but a Galaxy S4 Google Edition? Sounds really wild, doesn’t it? However, a SGS4 running stock Android with no crapware on top of it would be any Android user’s dream.

The Galaxy S4 GE is expected to land at ‘the Uncarrier’  (T-Mobile) in June, as part of its summer line-up (no information about its pricing). We do not have  further information, whether Samsung will sell this device in the US or will it be marketed through the Google Play store, or even if it’s for real. As always we advise to take such news with a grain of salt.

source Geek