Samsung document leak confirms Galaxy S4 Mini specs and Galaxy Note III 6 inch panel?


Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Mini-I9190 (3)

A recent document leaked from Samsung and Korea Investment & Securities confirms the hardware specifications of the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, as well as hinting at a possible 6 inch screen for the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The document mentions a flagship device from Samsung which will feature a 6 inch OLED panel, but without a Full HD screen resolution.

Is it possible that Samsung may not launch the Galaxy Note III with a Full HD screen. I think it is.¬†Full HD screen resolution do not make that much of a difference for the naked eye, in comparison with lower screen resolution, anyway. Another piece of information is the fact that GNote III wont be arriving equipped with a flexible AMOLED display, because the South Korean OEM hasn’t fully developed a proper flexible panel for commercial use, according to the same source.

galaxy s4 mini specs