Android Studio: Produce Movies On-The-Go



Have you ever dreamed of shooting a video and directly editing it on your smartphone or tablet, perhaps? If yes, then it’s a real dream come true: Android Studio is the perfect choice. A fully-fledged video editing app that pushes the borders of productivity to a whole new level.

Android Studio is a very powerful software meant for editing videos on the go or almost everywhere else, be it either on smartphone or tablet.

At first launch you will be prompted for downloading additional content the app needs in order to work properly. Do not worry, though, it’s very light in size and will only take a couple of seconds to be downloaded.


Once you reach the main screen, you’ll be amazed of how much this app has to offer. There are countless options and effects: real-time recording, making a video out of several separate ones, applying effects to a single video, creating videos from multiple images and so on. There are also options to extract either the audio or just the video content out of a singe file. Then come the likes of rotating the whole video, trimming it down and even separating it in two files. There’s many to explore in this app and with enough time and dedication, anyone can become an expert in using it efficiently.