Nearly 75% of all smartphones sold in Q1 2013 were Android, Galaxy S4 expected to sell like hot cakes



The smartphone numbers for the first quarter of this year were recently published by analytics firm Gartner, the latest stats show that the Android monopoly is clearly expanding its realm over the iOS territory which was stagnating around 18.2%.

The leading Android manufacturer is unmistakably the South Korea electronics leader Samsung which saw an increase of 3.2%, accounting for a staggering 30.8% share of the smartphone pie in Q1.

Closely following Apple comes Nokia at 14.8% which is still in a downwards spiral judging from the continuous drop in market share primarily caused by catastrophic sales of Lumia smartphones along with the flopping Windows Phone platform around the globe despite an insignificant growth.

OS marketshare Q1 2013

LG, ZTE and Huawei were just behind Apple with 3.7%, 3.4% and 2.6% respectively. Sony’s share saw no apparent change despite the launch of their latest flagship handset. An interesting observation is that the Asia/Pacific regions helped to further boost worldwide smartphone sales growth at this stunning rate, this can generally be attributed to market penetration by world giants like Samsung and Apple.

manufacturer share q1 2013