New Motorola XT1058 revealed by the FCC, could be related to the Motorola XT1055 and XT912A


Motorola XT1058

New Motorola XT1058 FCC leak hints to the Motorola X Phone aka XFON for AT&T carrier.

Motorola X Phone rumors are flowing from all directions lately. We’ve heard and even seen a few images of  Motorola XT912A prototype device, which has a similar design as the Nexus 4, having those slightly roundish corners as well as that black minimalist front panel and more recently got linked to the AT&T Network touted as the XFON.

Motorola XT1055 is another smartphone which will be arriving this year according to the AnTuTu benchmark leak at the beginning of the month. And that’s not all, it looks like Motorola is prepping a few new Android phones for 2013, as a third device has been spotted at the end of this week passing through the FCC commission showing yet again a smartphone with the same looks as the Motorola XT912A, which mostly confuses us.

The FCC spilled a few details about XT1058, like  the fact that it has Bluetooth 4.0, NFC technology on board, WiFI 802.11ac, and AT&T LTE bands. Likely XT912A codenamed XFON for AT&T is one and the same device with the XT1058.

What do you folks think?

source FCC