Daily Android App: Krowds



Krowds is an all-new service that lets you share and find videos based only on your interest and current location. It’s a very easy way to find out what’s happening in the neighborhood right from your cellphone or to just enjoy the fun of it.

Developed by Pixorial, Krowds represents a very nice concept, though in our opinion its future is still uncertain. It just haven’t got the attention it needs in order to make a big splash in the respective category. But hey, this is only the beginning of the journey and who knows what the future might bring next.

Now, lets take a look at the app itself and explain the basics of the service as a whole and the structure of the application’s user interface. Basically, in order to start using Krowds, it is needed to set up an account. That can be done by registering as a new Pixorial user, or using an existing Google or Facebook account. We find that way much easier, primarily because of the ease of sharing the content on the biggest social networks in the internet world. After everything’s up and running, here comes the main screen which gladly presents you the Krowds in your nearby surroundings. Then there’s also the my Krowds tab that lets you explore your own Krowds. It is a very sleek user interface that makes good use of Google’s Holo UI components and matches the stock Android styling and colors.


To add a Krowd you just need to press a few buttons. Hitting the menu one will grant access to some additional options, like settings upload and your desired one: add Krowd. So, give it a name, a brief description, tap create and you are good to go.