Daily Android App: BIG Launcher



Watch out guys, something BIG is happening in the Android world! It’s no other thing, but the arrival of a next-gen home screen replacement app (launcher) that aims on making your Android experience even friendlier and easier to use than before. Enter the new world of BIG Launcher, where everything is easier, faster and BIGGER.

We see BIG Launcher as a very nice concept, primarily because of its usability and friendliness. It offers a user interface where everything relies on pressing some huge buttons that occupy most of the screen’s real estate. An average user may and will not get the point of this, but elderly people and ones with bad sight might just feel right at home with this one.

At first launch, a wizard pops up automatically which leads to configuring the launcher settings to your preference. For example, there’s the option to configure the text size, applied theme, color scheme etc.


After the launcher is set up and ready for use,  the first thing you’ll see is the main screen, which provides access to several key apps, such as the phone, camera, messages etc. Other shortcuts can be also added through the settings menu. As you can see, BIG Launcher does not fail to remind us of Windows Phone’s tiled user interface, but while that one is more sophisticated with live and re-sizable tiles, this one goes just for simplicity. You won’t see any polished icons here, nor some beautiful animations, but you certainly get the point of this launcher.