April 2013: Jelly Bean overtakes ICS


April 2013

Both Android Jelly Bean flavors combined are now on 28% of devices as of April 2013, having surpassed Ice Cream Sandwich while Gingerbread continued its steady decline down to 38.5%.

Android 2.3.x Gingerbread, which was released in December 2010, still howvever makes up the largest portion of Android devices on Google Play, but Jelly Bean, which first hit the market in June 2012, is set to overtake it in a few months if the current trend continues while obsolete Android versions make up just 5.5 per cent of the market now.

The introduction of the rumored Android 4.3 set to be unveiled at Google I/O may finally help further boost the Jelly Bean user base.

Jelly Bean is on the rise, the ICS user-base is still shrinking down to 27.5 from 29.3%, this change can generally be attributed to the wild number of supported ICS devices being given the JB upgrade. Gingerbread will gradually fade into oblivion once people ditch those outdated low end devices from the past 2 years in favor of newer beefier products targeted at the low end segment.