Samsung Galaxy S4 US Variants Have Locked Bootloaders


samsung galaxy s4 gt-9505

If you are an Android power user and want to get a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S4 in United States, we’ll have to warn you that the Samsung top-dog available from the major US carriers will be handled over to your hands with a locked bootloader.

Steve Kondik, the founder of CyanogenMod, has confirmed on his Google+ profile that his AT&T Galaxy S4 has a locked bootloader. That restricts the users installing custom ROMs and kernels to the device, which has positive and negative sides as well. On the other side, however, the Korean giant might even release a developer edition of the device, much like what it did last year with the release of the Verizon Galaxy S3 Developer Edition. On top of that, we’re pretty much sure the freelance developers will find a solution to unlock the mighty beast.

Is the locked bootloader a deal breaker for you, or could you live with such a restriction? If you are a normal user, that might not matter much to you, but for some of you power users, it might make an impact on your choice. We would like to hear your opinions in the comments section.