Daily Android App: VLC for Android Beta



VLC is one of the most popular and desired media players on almost all platforms, making its debut on Windows and spreading across many others. Only recently, though, it has landed on Android and it aims on delivering the most remarkable media experience ever while still doing the magic that made the original so successful.

The key component of VLC’s success lies in its power and simplicity, the ability to play almost any file there is while still keeping the memory usage to a minimum. The Android version, though much different from its PC counterpart, is backed up by the same concept: simplicity. It offers a cool, sleek user interface and immediate access to the provided content. The user environment can be described in the following way: there’s the main toolbar with a few buttons, such as the search button. On the left there’s a sidebar which provides access to additional media directories and switches between the audio and video player. Ultimately, on the center of the screen there’s the area that occupies the most of the provided screen estate: the media browser. Media content is presented right in front of your fingertips and only a single tap is needed for the playback to be triggered.