Google bans app updates outside Play store



We’ve all had apps that had updates,but the update wasn’t in the Google Play store, so what do we do? Especially when the update carries a fix to an annoying bug in the app we are so fond of? We go to a third-party website and get the latest update, probably from the developer himself. There are apps which already do this like the native Facebook Android app. Google has frowned upon this and has banned any update of an app outside the parameters of the Google play store.

You see, Facebook was trying to update its app via other means and not by the official means of Google Play store mechanisms and processes. In the not so distant past, Google has always blocked “applications that cause users to unknowingly download or install applications from sources outside of Google Play.” Google has changed its terms and conditions, or rather modified it, in the Dangerous Products sections.

Apps that collect information (such as the user’s location or behavior) without the user’s knowledge (spyware), malicious script and password phishing scams are also prohibited on Google Play,as are applications that cause users to unknowingly download or install application from outside Google play. An app downloaded from Google play may not modify,install or update its own APK binary code using any other method other than Google plays update mechanism.

Google play store

Google has cracked the whip on this one, reminding developers that even though the Android platform is open-source, it still owns the Google Play store and Android, and can ban apps that do not follow its terms and conditions. And it makes sense, this way Google has more control over any updates and therefore users are more protection against scams and othe security risks.

What say you?