Android 4.3 Jelly Bean MR2 JWR23B in the works



The long rumored Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie may not make its appearance as expected at Google I/O. New evidence along with recent server logs suggest that the next Android version will still be from the Android 4.x line & will based the new jb-mr2 branch.

Android 4.3 JWQ71B otherwise known as Jelly Bean MR2 (Milestone Release 2) will supposedly be unveiled during Google I/O in about three weeks. This suggest that this new flavor of Jelly Bean will still be an incremental upgrade with light changes under the hood. Most major interface elements from the previous version will be kept back but we might see few additional features being added. The evidence was directly traced to Google’s employees.


As usual there is no concrete substantial information to corroborate any of this but the fact that the evidence was from Google’s own guys may suggest that Key Lime Pie is still a long way from been released. It could possibly be out in Q3 2013 at most.