AnTuTu Benchmark results reveal Google X and Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie


Motorola X Phone

As of now, any details about the Motorola X Phone are limited to rumors, since the device hasn’t publicized by Google or Motorola.  It’s safe to assume that both companies will keep quiet, until the possible launch of the device.

The alleged benchmark result is one released detail about the phone.  A device named “Google X” was spotted at the AnTuTu Benchmark result.  Many have made the observation that the name is fairly similar to the Motorola X phone, which has lead to suspicions about the device existence.  Motorola X Phone isn’t the official name of the device yet, but it’s possible that the device will be named Google X Phone instead of Motorola X Phone.

The AnTuTu Benchmark results revealed that the device was tested in the United States, which is where Google and Motorola originated from.  The Google X device is has been confirmed to have a processor that measured 1.5GHz, which lead to speculations of the device being powered by Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 800, or Tegra 4.