Samsung: Overwhelming Galaxy S4 demand causing global supply shortages



Global Android manufacturer Samsung renowned for producing the best selling Android devices is facing inventory issues according to an official representative.

The Galaxy S4 launches were delayed in some countries including the U.S, Sprint & T-Mobile won’t start selling the Galaxy S4 until April 27th and April 29th respectively due to “an unexpected delay with inventory deliveries”. Sprint will start taking orders for the smartphone on April 27th but an actual ship date is not known.

Other parts of the world may suffer initial stock shortages. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Samsung sold almost a third of all smartphones in Q1 2013. – Coping with the demand levels for a flagship device isn’t something easy, even for an electronics giant like Samsung.

The Samsung representative did however mention that everything should be addressed in ‘the coming weeks” so the impact won’t very likely be felt since most operators around the world will be selling the Galaxy S4 in a month’s time.

Let’s hope they can catch up fast, there are plenty of eager customers waiting to throw money at them!