LG Nexus 4 with Key Lime Pie and LTE rumored for Google I/O 2013


google nexus 4 smartphone

You’ve likely heard that Google is planning to make a large impact with their upcoming Google I/O 2013 developer event in May, but nobody is really sure of what we’ll be seeing. It’s rumored that Google will be releasing a new LG Nexus 4 (not a 5) with 32GB of storage and full support for 4G LTE.  Android Key Lime Pie will be available for the device, which will make an appearance at Google I/O.

The rumour shouldn’t be taken too seriously at this point, but there is a good chance it is accurate.  The reason for our doubts is because Google is already prepared to release another actual hardware device that’s completely redesigned.  The Nexus 4 was released in October, and the Galaxy Nexus before it had a similar-time frame before hitting Verizon in December 2011.

Rumors about LG Nexus 5 have been reported, while fantasizing about a HTC Nexus 5, with some thoughts toward the Motorola X-Phone.  Many reports claim that Motorola’s X-Phone has been delayed and won’t be appearing at Google I/O.

There’s also been conformation about Google’s current LG Nexus 4, as well as the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor have disabled 4G LTE radios.  It’s been hacked to work in Canada and a few select AT&T users.  Maybe it’s possible that google has been working with different carriers to enable this in the next generation of Android, and hopefully a CDMA version will also be available.  Apparently a 32GB LG Nexus 4 will arrive for Verizon with 4G LTE, running the latest version of Android.

It sounds like Google has some pretty good plans.  Whether they’re preparing a 32GB 4G LTE Nexus 4 for Google I/O or updating the current devices to support AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE networks.