Play Store revenues soar, up 90% in Q1 2013



The Apple App Store, undoubtedly one of the best & finest store out there is ultimately seeing a real rival. – The Play Store, and it coming close, really close to its counterpart, the Play Store will finally catch up with Apple by 2016!

Google’s Play Store revenues are growing much faster than Apple’s App Store according to a report from App Annie but Apple still saw around 2.6x more sales than the Play Store, that can generally be attributed to the App Store’s ‘healthier’ ecosystem. Compared to Q4 2012 however that number has gone down from four times higher app revenue.

The Play Store nevertheless managed to surge during the past few months, totaling an increase of 90% in revenues – One key leading factor being games sales which grew to cover approximately 80% of revenue in the Google Play Store. The category saw an impressive growth in leading countries such as US, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China. Paid “Communication” and “Social” apps are 2nd and 3rd, with “Tools” and “Productivity” rounding out the top 5.

Within the two app stores, several countries stood out for driving growth from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013:

  • United States was responsible for much of the growth in iOS revenues, while China proved to be an up-and-coming revenue contributor and also led the growth in iOS downloads
  • Russia was a key factor in Google Play downloads growth
  • Japan and South Korea continued to drive notable revenue growth for Google Play

This sudden bump in revenues proves that the Google Play Store is quickly catching with its biggest rival, it may take no longer than few years for us to finally get a grasp of its success across the whole Android spectrum!

via Reuters