WordPress Android app receives major UI update and some new features



Bloggers who blog using an Android device will definitely rejoice after hearing this news. WordPress has finally released a major update for its own application.

The official WordPress app now features a more Holo-like UI, the menus are more accurate, things are looking way better now, actually I’m writing this post using the updated app and I’m really enjoying it.

Here’s the change log list:

  • Action Bar added for easy access to common actions.
  • Use the Menu Drawer to quickly navigate to other areas of the app. Just tap the arrow in the Action Bar or swipe to reveal the menu.
  • Holo style used throughout the app.

New features:

  • Use the ‘View Site’ feature to view and share content on your site.
  • WordPress.com users can now view the web dashboard (wp-admin).
  • The WordPress.com Reader now takes advantage of caching for faster loading.

Get WordPress app for Android at Google Play store


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