Last Xperia S update slated for May, users royally screwed


Sony Xperia S dark silver

Late software updates, poorly optimized software, garbage bundled apps and ancient Android upgrades. – A perfect recipe for disaster and a nice to way to screw your loyal users. This is just Sony being Sony!

TL;DR: The Xperia S Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update has been delayed again, users shall expect it to hit their devices in May 2013 (according to SFR)

That’s exactly how Sony utterly treats their past flagship devices. The Xperia S was among one of the best device of 2012, rivaling the Samsung Galaxy SII while having a premium build quality but it unfortunately fell short as long as the software aspect was concerned. The Xperia S was deemed to fail from the very start. –Sony’s ego and their total lack of consistency finally proved to be fruitful. Andoid 4.1.2 will be the last upgrade for the Xperia S.

Launched with Android 2.3 onboard the Xperia S could have a bright carrier, had Sony focused on quality software rather than wasting time and money on advertising & promoting gimmick over-hyped useless features on their future devices. And Sony, they should totally be awarded a failure medal – What kind of company can expect to have the time and resources to support a single flagship device when they actually released more than 4 flagship devices in 2012? Who would ever treat such a brilliant handset with old updates? Sony obviously.

Even worst! Sony assured their faithful users that their shiny Xperia S would receive the Jelly Bean treatment by the end of March but as usual Sony FAILED to keep its promise.


Their smartphone strategy is pretty straight forward:

Step 1: Launch a brand new flagship smartphone with ancient software, but is smartphone good enough?

Step 2: No, it’s obviously not, it lacks the ‘X factor’ so let us launch 2-4 more flagships with slightly better but already-outdated specifications + more gimmick features to lure people. (Acro S, V, T, TX)

Step 3: Release even more smartphone variants (Xperia SL, TX, ZL) because a having unified Smartphone strategy is damn too hard to grasp.

Step 4: Don’t bother about first flagship, give it an update when we’re done boasting our gimmick VTZ smartphones, “We’ll perhaps update it later on”. – Except that ‘later’ on translates into 1 year in Sony’s reality distortion field.

Step 5: Discontinue software updates after barely 1 year, (Hint: 2011 Xperia devices)

Step 6: Who cares about users? *Releases More Smartphones*, ditches previous flagships.

With this moronic attitude one only wonder where Sony is heading, and it’s not just going to stop here. The Xperia Z was also launched with outdated software, had gimmick features. E.g Being “Waterproof” but they don’t even have the decency to reveal that the touchscreen doesn’t even work underwater! See a pattern here? Obsolete software + gimmick features + poor ergonomic design.

The world of updates is obviously different on the other side of the spectrum. Samsung on the other hand cares about updates. Just take a look at the once almighty Galaxy SII. — It is still in mainstream support, still eligible for another upgrade and what’s amazing is the relatively fast pace of update rollout. Just imagine, a Gingerbread (2.3.3) era phone being given all GB updates (up to 2.3.6) without forgetting ICS (4.0.1-4.0.4) up to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and it’ll even be upgraded to 4.2.2!

That’s just how Sony and Samsung handle updates. One simply doesn’t care but the other guarantees quality updates.