Eric Schmidt: 1.5 Million Android activations per day, 1 Billion devices by the end of this year



We’ve seen how Android managed to grab more than half of the total smartphone marketshare over the course of previous quarters. Android activations not only increased in number but also thrashed rival stagnating platforms like Windows Phones.

Statistics alone can’t speak for themselves, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt¬†today at Dive Into Mobile not only revealed a stunning 1.5 million Android devices being activated each day but also the whole Android ecosystem will cross the 1 billion barrier by the end of this year and 2 billion in around years. He also ironically brought an HTC G1 (the first Android smartphone) to the stage to demonstrate that the services, the applications and everything still work after so much time!

He also pointed out that reaching the “next five billion people looking to get connected,” as he puts it – will be around the $100 price point, something he suggests they’ll quickly get to with the help of manufacturers like Samsung.

320 operators, 160 countries, 700,000 apps in the Play Store, and 1.5 million Android activations every single day. We’ll cross a billion towards the end of this year. That gives you a sense of the reach. Android is the primary vehicle of smartphones – we’ll quickly get to the $100 price point, which is the key for those next five billion people looking to get connected…
Our goal is to reach everybody. Today, Samsung is the number one vendor in terms of unit volume. Because of tech trends, these devices today will be significantly cheaper in two years. As long as memory requirements don’t massively increase, these devices will trickle down.
In the developing world, we’re getting products launched with pre-loaded content in native languages. In our own world, we talk about the explosion of bandwidth, but that’s greater than the developing world. In that world, just going from no bandwidth to any bandwidth — that’s huge.
Humans are naturally optimistic and clever. If the police are corrupt, people will figure out a way to see what the cops are up to — we see this in Mexico. With mobile devices, we’re empowering individuals. For the overwhelming number of people in the world, it’s a huge improvement.
No one uses a phone by themselves any longer. Most people aren’t even making calls. One model going forward, companies like Google evolve to be your helper. They make suggestions. They assist you…
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