Samsung Galaxy Note III to sport a new design dress


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We’re more than familiar with the polycarbonate Galaxy design dress spanning across virtually all Samsung devices, i.e rounded corners with a streamlined uniform pebble-alike body inspired by nature. Samsung has constantly tweaked & adjusted their designs over the course of the past 2 years to finally come up with what we’ve got today, a design so recognizable, so typical and modern that was often deemed as fugly by many tech pundits & haters. That however proved to be a strategical advantage for Samsung.

Having the same design for all your products is a no-brainer, it can not only unify all devices in your lineup as a whole but also makes them very distinguishable from other brand series. The Galaxy design is undeniably an evolving masterpiece but Samsung may finally be looking forward to introduce a new design dress starting right off with the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy Note III, according to a new report.

The recently announced the Mega 6.3 totally dwarfed the Galaxy Note II in terms of size & screen estate. It kinda makes no sense to introduce something larger than one existing phablet flagship device unless the next Galaxy Note turns out to be something totally different if Samsung decides to further uplift their build quality standards.

note II back

So what could we see in the end? The reports suggests something other than the traditional polycarbonate stuff, it may well be brushed metal or a some other ‘higher grade’ plastic.

The source claims that the Note III will split itself from the S4 design guidelines and a 6.0″ FHD AMOLED display, the same Exynos 5 Octa SoC with