Pantech Teases its New Flagship, a Strong Contender to the Galaxy S4


new vega“All new Vega is coming 18.4.2013,” that’s what Pantech implicated on its new teaser for the new Vega flagship. The sentence says it all: Pantech is going to unveil its new top dog on 18.4, which is only five days ahead.

Pantech dubbed its smartphone as the ‘Galaxy S4 killer’, which is a strong thought by any means. But it will take much more than just one praise to put the current number-one down. For instance, the specs must at least match the ones of the giant. That said, Pantech hasn’t shared with us any hardware details, except the screen information, which is a 5-inch one of FullHD variety. Rest assured is the quad-core processor of unknown type and the relatively small profile of the smartphone, featuring a very thin bezel around the screen.

We are really curious to see what the new Pantech Vega is really made of. We have marked 18.4 on our calendars. Have you?