HTC First available now exclusively at AT&T for $100


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HTC released their new phone, HTC First, catering to mobile users looking to make their friends’ lives the main priority of mobile.  Some features of the phone include a cover feed, chat heads and messenger, bold notifications, and a convenient app launcher.

The Cover Feed feature displays Facebook’s news feed on the phone’s entire screen, with navigations like swiping through to see more, double tap to like a post, and comment right from cover feed.

Another feature of the phone allows for users to keep chatting, even while using other apps.  The chat heads and messenger feature sends and receive texts and Facebook messages on the same spot on the phone, regardless of whatever application is currently in use.

Notifications from apps and friends also appear on the phone’s home screen, to help users easily find out if they’ve missed a call, a new message, or even a calendar reminder.  These notifications can easily be cleared with a simple finger tap.

Finally, the phone offers a customizable app launcher, with a simple press and hold feature to organize the location of the apps.  Users can even post right to Facebook in the same spot.