Google beta tests linking YouTube channels to Google+ accounts


Google announced on it’s YouTube Creators blog last night that their new beta test for creators will allow them to link a Google+ account to their YouTube channel.

One benefit of this feature is that linking your creators will be permitted to “Choose any name for your channel and page.”  This gives creators a chance to rename their channel.  Another benefit would be sharing live broadcasts via Hangouts, a YouTube tab displayed on the user’s Google+ page, as well as better video sharing features.

Although the beta has its benefits, Google has also expressed their concern with the use of third-party tools:

– Certain mobile apps and third-party tools may require a bit more effort to work with YouTube channels linked to Google+ pages. Just make sure you’re using the most recent YouTube app on Android and iOS. And if necessary, setup login credentials for these apps.

The beta can be tried out with a Google+ account, if it is already shared with a YouTube channel.  If these two accounts are already shared, linking the accounts can be completed through YouTube’s advanced settings:

1. Your channel’s Google account must first have a Google+ profile on the account to start this process.  If you don’t have a profile on your channel’s account, go to and create a profile with your name (not your channel’s name).

2. If you have an existing Google+ page to which you’d like to link your channel, add your channel’s Google account as a manager of the corresponding page (instructions). If you don’t have an existing page, you can create a new one in the linking process.

3. On YouTube, go to your advanced account settings, and click “Connect with a Google+ page (beta).” From there you’ll see a number of options:

– Link with a new Google+ page

– Link with an existing Google+ page that your channel’s google account owns or manages

– Link with a Google+ profile instead of a page

4. Select a linking option, follow the instructions, and you’re done!