Daily Android Game: Bubble Smasher



Bubble Smasher is all about popping bubbles! It’s a cool addicting game that takes the concept of smashing air bubbles to a whole new level.

In terms of simplicity, we can say that Bubble Smasher is not a complex game at all. It’s just a simple pick up and play game, with no levels, achievements and restrictions. Maybe this is the magic trick that makes this game so irresistible.


As we’ve mentioned above, the one and only goal is to pop as many bubbles as possible and get as high score as possible. Things don’t end here, however. There are four different types of bubbles and only two of them add up to the score, namely the white bubbles that have a coin in them and the green bubbles with a heart stuck in them. Beware of the yellow and red bubbles as popping them will reduce your score significantly. Also, be careful not to miss smashing the “good” bubbles, because that will also cost you a certain amount of points.


One more aspect of the game needs to be covered and that’s the shop section. The shop is quite small, if not tiny. There are only three power-ups that can be bought with coins or earned by simply playing the game. The trio consists of the clock, the finger and the bomb. The first one slows down the time, in other words: activates slow motion mode. The finger is responsible for enlarging the popping area  of your finger and therefore enabling you to smash more bubbles at once. And, if everything goes critical, there’s the bomb which pops every coin and heart bubble present on the screen.


So, that’s about it about Bubble Smasher. It’s fun, addicting and cool. If you are a fan of these games, please don’t hesitate to check it out at the Google Play Store.

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