Asus FonePad ready for pre-order on 12th April with a 26th April launch in the UK


Asus FonePad 7 inch

The tablet that makes calls, the Asus FonePad, will be available to pre-order tomorrow, Friday 12 April in the UK.

The device will be available for pre-order tomorrow at Carphone Warehouse, Amazon UK and Sainsbury’s. Currently, only Carphone Warehouse has a pre-registration page, but expect that to soon change to a pre-order in the early hours. Neither Amazon or Sainsbury’s have it showing in their stock.
The FonePad is reported to be going on sale for £179.99, just £20 more than their other 7″ tablet, the Nexus 7 (which I reviewed here). When reviewing the Nexus 7, I said that Asus had left out the 3G connectivity or expandable memory, something which I put down to keeping the price as low as possible at the time. It’s possible that either the components have become cheaper, or Asus is seeing sales dip to other 3G enabled tablets.

The 7 inch tablet/phone hybrid was introduced by Asus at MWC last month. It’s an 7 inch tablet with the added ability of a 3G cell receiver allowing you to make calls and has an expandable memory slot for Micro SD Card up to 32GB. I’m not sure I would use the FonePad to make a call, you would certainly get numerous odd looks walking down the street with a 7″ tablet to your ear (think of doing it with your Nexus 7 or Kindle). I would be more likely to use a Bluetooth headset to make calls, or even earbuds with an inline mic at a push. The lack of rear facing camera in the UK (the rear facing camera is reported to be coming out in Asia only) would put me off however. I guess we’ll see how sales go once the hybrid is released at the end of the month.

Will you be pre-ordering a FonePad, and what features are you most looking forward to if so? Or do you think it’s a ridiculous idea to have a 7″ phone? Leave us a comment either way.