Inverted Google Play store APK [DOWNLOAD]



Yesterday Google started rolling out its latest overhauled Play store version 4.0.25 with HD icons and new UI design which some of you complained about that it looks “terrible” being all White. However thanks to this wonderful world-wide Android eco-system for those that don’t get along with the White version you can now install the inverted version (black background).

This version is not for everyone, because requires some basic knowledge on how-to flash a ROM, but if you already master this skill go ahead and download the inverted Google Play store APK from here, and follow below steps:

Go into /data/app/ and search for something that looks like this “,”  delete it and then go to “system/app/” look for Phonesky.apk and delete this one too. Once you’ve followed these steps you can then flash the zip file that you already downloaded above. That’s all, enjoy!

Note: We are not to be held responsible if something goes wrong and you end up bricking your device.