Dirty Droid User Unlocks Motorola RAZR M, RAZR HD/MAXX, Atrix HD Bootloader



Over the past few years, many Motorola developers have been unsatisfied with their devices’ locked bootloaders.  As a result, many users even went as far as starting petitions, writing hate mail, and publicly posting their complaints directly to the company over different forms of social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

After these complaints, developers never got their unlocked bootloader, and instead they got the opportunity to purchase a developer edition of the phone.  Users still felt very dissatisfied with the situation, since their questions were left unanswered, which resulted in Motorola failing to sell many models of the product.

However, Dan Rosenberg, a Dirty Droid user known as “@djrbliss” has been a game-changer in the situation.  As of now, he is the only known user to successfully unlock the bootloader for Attrix HD, Droid RAZR HD/HD Maxx, and the Droid RAZR M.

‘mattlgroff’, another Dirty Droid user, is known to be testing the Attrix HD and the Droid RAZR HD, to confirm it’s success.  Perhaps this will be the end of the fight against Motorola’s locked bootloaders.