Daily Android Game – Robo5



If you’re a child of the 80’s, you may remember the film Short Circuit, the film where a surprisingly emotive military robot who decides that a mindless life of following his¬†programing isn’t for him and wants to grow and learn more about the world. As a child, I always wanted a toy like Johnny (or Number 5).

Well, twenty-five years later, I got my wish; or as close to it as I’m going to get. Meet Robo5, a game by Animoca.

Robo5 is lost in a desolate world covered in rubbish (think of Wall-E at the beginning of the film) but unlike Wall-E, Robo wants to know more about himself and why he’s been left here. Surrounded by boxes, there is only one thing that Robo5 can do: Climb.

Tap on the square you want Robo to move to.
Tap on the square you want Robo to move to.

The entire premiss of this game is to climb the mountain of boxes before the time runs out. To do this, simply touch the screen where you want Robo to end up. To jump up, press the box you want him to climb and up he hops. The controls are extremely simple that my three year old managed to play without too much input from me.

As all things in life, gameplay progressively gets harder, and your path is blocked by boxes. Robo uses upgrades, however, to be able to able to pull or push the boxes out of the way and move them into position to climb to the next level. Soon, another upgrade allows you to shimmy along the edge of the boxes.

Graphics for this game are good and the sound effects decent for a game of 36Mb. A good help section in the menu will remind yo