HTC to kick off One Live Experience Tour in the U.S starting 11 April



Lackluster sales have long plagued HTC in a whole, they went through a restructuring attempt and even dropped their ‘Quietly Brilliant’ slogan for a more aggressive marketing approach. The effort may finally pay off, at least in the U.S.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is placing all its bets on the mighty HTC One, flaunting their majestic smartphone with the aid of a marketing campaign which aims to promote & introduce the HTC One and its plethora of features to people via the three very specific parts: HTC BoomSound Lounge, HTC One Showrooms and HTC One Cinema Experiences which are essentially hands-on experiences, music performances, promotional HTC-themed opportunities, live demos and on-screen content in select movie theaters. The tour will initially hit will hit 11 major markets across the U.S but we may eventually see it crossing the Atlantic ocean to reach European countries if it’s an immediate success in the states!

HTC BoomSound Lounge will promote the One’s  front-facing speakers and dedicated amplifier, equipped with Beats Audio integration for top-notch sound during any activity.This attraction will hit New York’s Columbus Circle, Embarcadero Plaza in San Francisco, Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, Wrigleyville in Chicago, Franklin Square in Philadelphia and Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.

It will also connect consumers to exclusive HTC concerts in partnership with Live Nation. Hip-hop super talent Pharrell will perform in New York, Grouplove in Chicago and Manchester Orchestra in L.A.

Next on the list are the HTC One Showrooms which will essentially offer customer with demonstrations and entrainment events all centered around the HTC One, the One Showroom will be found in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

The slogan for the tour is “Everything Your Phone Isn’t,” and HTC is looking to prove that by taking the new flagship across the U.S. by putting the customer first, the point of all this? To prove that your phone sucks compared to the HTC One.

Selling a gadget especially a flagship smartphone is all about proper marketing and advertising, if done right the manufacturer can expect their devices to sell in droves, that’s exactly the specialty of Samsung. HTC on the other hand has a ‘hit or miss’ campaign despite having a rather very capable device, well this might finally change this year!

HTC is taking their breakthrough product directly to consumers with the HTC One Live Experience Tour, bringing each unique innovation to life and prompting consumers to compare the new HTC One to their current phone experience. The advertising features a similarly evocative theme positioning the new smartphone to consumers as “Everything Your Phone Isn’t.” – says HTC in their press statement.