Daily Android App: In Your Own Time


In Your Own Time is a music app, which makes good use of your phone’s sensors and the whole environment to play a music specially adapted to the thing you are doing at a specific moment.

It’s quite a unique app indeed, because we’ve never seen anything like it. Not only it adapts the music to whatever you do or wherever you go, makes full use of all of the sensors built-in your phone, but it also has a pedometer feature that keeps track of your walking or running pace. The best of all, the app runs flawlessly in the background as long as it’s not killed. All of this results in a truly remarkable experience that no other application, device or anything else is able to offer.


The basics are all covered, so now lets move onto the other options of this app. Apparently, In Your Own Time comes very short of additional settings and tweaks. The only thing that can be changed is the sensitivity of the built-in pedometer.


So, we’ve reached the end of this very short review. If you are convinced enough of the superiority of this app, feel free to download it from the Google Play Store.