HTC One Developer Edition Pre-Orders Are a Go


HTC ONe (8)A few weeks back HTC promised a developer edition of the HTC One, and as every other serious company, the Taiwanese manufacturer stands up to its word by starting the pre-orders of the device.

The Developer Edition of the HTC One is exactly the same as the base model, except that it comes carrier-unlocked and with an unlocked bootloader. The device comes with support for AT&T’s LTE and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ bands, which makes it compatible with two of the mayor US carriers.

Regarding shipping date, it’s the same as the base model – April 19. The prices are $199 for the 32GB model and $299 for the 64GB variant.

Update: According to HTC, the device is currently available only in Silver, no word when or if at some point it will be available in Black as well, but be sure that we will keep you folks updated.