HTC First photo gallery, price, specs and release date details



Facebook Inc press conference ended not to long ago, introducing Facebook Home application, or is it a UI or maybe a Launcher, really confusing. Even the name is confusing, Facebook Inc calls it Home, other times calls is Facebook Home software.

Anyways, aside from introducing its own software Facebook Inc showed off the first smartphone to come with Facebook eco-system pre-installed — HTC First. The phone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual-core processor , support for 3G/4G LTE, comes with a 4.3 inch display and has the following dimensions¬†125.6mm x 64.93mm x 8.96mm.¬†

HTC First will be available in the US exclusively from AT&T for $99 and later this summer in the UK through EE 4G LTE network at an undisclosed price in four colors: Black,White,Cyan and Red.


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