FL Studio Mobile demoed on Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.2.2



There are a lot of bedroom deejay / producers out there who hammer their beats using FL Studio software, but what would be even better for them is to have the software ready on the go and thats what Image-Line is hard at work to accomplish, to fully port the software to Android.

Today Image-Line teases us with a new demo video and some extra information about their development process and whats left to be done before debuting FL Studio Mobile on Google Play store.

Right now we’re porting about 1 tab/month.

Ported already:


 Drum pads

 Track editor

 Step editor

 Playback & Recording

 Instrument screen (categories to do)

 Project screen (.flm files from the iOS version can be loaded)

 Effect screen

 Loading screen

To be done:

 Bar editor

 Step graph editor

 Popup windows

 Share and export


 Adaptations for even more screen resolutions

 Testing on all the different devices

Audio recording
(won’t be available in the first Android release, scheduled for 1.1)