Daily Android App: Hooked – Game recommendations!


Hooked is an app that makes your way of finding cool new games optimized for your device much easier. Based on the games you play and some very smart and intelligently-written algorithms, it makes game recommendations that are able to help you for the most of the time, no matter how much versatile your collection is.

To properly set up Hooked, you firstly need to log in with either your Facebook or Google+ account and after that the fun can finally start. The main screen shows some recommendations that can be based on your likings, or the preferences of other people from across the globe. What makes this app so useful is the fact that there are now hundreds of thousands of games on the Google Play Store and not all of them are that easy to find.


If you stumble upon something you like, just hit the install button and Hooked automatically redirects you to Google Play Store. If you’d like to bookmark the game for later, it is possible to do that by tapping on the save button and it is also possible to rate and share a game. Hooked also shows some more statistics and details about the game, like download count, estimated play time etc.


Hooked also gives you the option to view your currently installed games. Every installed game can be launched directly from the app itself, which is a cool, but not very useful feature in real life scenarios. One very cool thing about this app is that it can predict what game you would like to have the most with great accuracy.