3DMark lands on Android, promises top-tier benchmarking



It hasn’t been long since Futuremark released its newest version of 3DMark for Windows-based PCs, now is the time for Android to enjoy as well. As we reported a couple of days ago, the free Benchmarking tool is now available on the Google Play Store and it is compatible with over 1,000 devices using Android 3.1 onwards.

Mind you, this thing might literally blow our smarphone’s engine given the stunning complexity of the textures and the whopping 280MB package. Benchmarking scores can be compared with other non-Android devices since the application is cross-platform and fully optimized for devices running Android, iOS, Windows (x86-64) and Windows RT (ARM).

This version of 3DMark was developed by Futuremark with the help of several Android-based hardware companies. Those include Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm & Broadcom. The software has two specific benchmarking tests; Ice Storm, which has both a graphics and a physics benchmark, and Ice Storm Extreme, designed to be run on higher end Android smartphones and tablets with 1080p resolution, along with higher quality textures and post-processing effects. Both versions of Ice Store are based on the OpenGL ES 2.0 API.

This benchmarking suite is a highly respected piece of software which found its popularity on the PC, being extensively used to evaluate the overall performance of a PC (whether overclocked or not) while comparing the system to others. It shall definitely be appreciated by Android enthusiasts especially those who overclock their gadgets to death (literally speaking).

via FutureMark