[Report] HTC One X scheduled to taste Android 4.2.2 with the Sense 5 treatment


HTC One X Sense 5

HTC has seemingly not dug any grave for their once-successful flagship which stood on the Android scene in 2012 while fearing a constant pressure from competitor handsets like the Galaxy SIII.

A source close to HTC has confirmed that the HTC One X (and possibly the One X+ too) will indeed be upgraded to Android 4.2.2. The handset will also embrace the latest Sense 5 UI, the rumor doesn’t directly come from HTC but the latter indicated that several recent HTC handsets would receive more or less some features of Sense 5 (a port?) – The Taiwanese company has been pretty bad with their Android updates, plagued by unacceptable delays which further drove customers away from HTC.

This is however rather unfortunate for HTC One X users, they’ll still receive an already-outdated software update given that Google will unveil a newer version of Android in May during Google I/O. So far no release dates were tipped by the source but it shouldn’t be long before HTC makes their update plans public.