Mysterious LG Device With Snapdragon 800 SoC Sets New GLBenchmark Record



A mysterious Snapdragon 800-based LG smartphone has topped GLBenchmark’s charts by a relatively big margin. It scored nearly double of LG Optimus G’s score, and beat the Apple iPad by roughly 300 frames. That’s an incredible achievement by any means.

The CPU and GPU cores are those that count in this race. The Krait 400 CPU cores and the Adreno 320 GPU proved to be the most capable combination to date. The processor frequency of the LG device is 1,7GHz, even though the chipset allows clock speeds beyond the 2GHz mark.

Other facts we know about the performer are its codename: LG D801, its resolution of 1080p and that it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. According to the device information that was dumped from the benchmark, we suggest it’s the LG Optimus G2 headed for T-Mobile US.

We are really eager to find out more about this leaked device. If it turns out to be the real Optimus G2, Samsung and HTC will have a reason more to worry about their flagship sales.

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