Exynos 5 Octa (5410) natively supports all 20 LTE bands



There has been widespread confusion regarding the Exynos 5 and its ability to support LTE networks, some were skeptical that it wouldn’t support most LTE bands at all. Such was the case with the Galaxy SIII and its Exynos Quad (4412) SoC which did not support the U.S non-standard bands. Of course the blame can’t be slammed on Samsung but it’s rather the U.S Carriers fault as always, they can’t simply use standard frequencies like the rest of the world – This resulted in several Galaxy SIII variants for each carrier. Well it happens that it does indeed support all 20 LTE bands.

This was bound to change this year, Samsung was aiming to unify everything starting right off with the Galaxy S4 which was initially planned to come with the Exynos SoC exclusively, it turns out that it didn’t go according to their plans. – Shortage in Samsung’s mass supply chains fab was the real cause behind the introduction of the underpowered Snapdragon 600 version. The issue was in no related to connectivity as previously assumed.


All this wrapped up could very well indicate that the international version of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) will very likely handle most LTE bands right out of the box. There’s no guarantee if it’ll support all carriers (and their respective bands) as Samsung has yet to provide more details.