Samsung Stratosphere II receives Android 4.1 upgrade on Verizon



Do you still have the Samsung Stratosphere II bound to Verizon Wireless network? If you do, we have great news for you. The Big Red started yesterday to roll out JellyBean firmware upgrade to thec handset that features a physical slide-out Full QWERTY keyboard.

Android 4.1 upgrade build JZO54K.I415VRBMA3 (506.6 MB) will speed entirely the phone, plus adds a lot of new features that come along with JellyBean like Google Now, Voice Search, Project Butter, new expandable notification system, etc, as well as lots of enhancements and improvements to the overall of the phone, including WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity.

  1. Polaris® and Verizon Remote Diagnostics has been added
  2. VZ Apps, Verizon Video, Zappos, Color App, and VPN Client (icon only) have been removed
  3. Quick Office application has been updated to allow users to use S-Beam without downloading any external app
  4. Connectivity while streaming music on Pandora® has been improved
  5. Improvements have been made for sending and receiving text messages
  6. Improved Wi-Fi connectivity

source Verizon